Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Prof. Girish Kumar to suresh


Dear Suresh,

Only SAR value is not important, one has to also see duration of use.
Energy = power x time. SAR unit is W/Kg, which is related to power, so
one has to multiply with time.

For example, SAR value of 1.6W/Kg is acceptable for 6 minutes per day
usage with a safety margin of 3 to 4. So, people can use cell phones
for 10 to 30 minutes per day depending upon SAR value. Interphone
study reported in May 2010 after studying 5,117 brain tumor cases,
that people who use cell phone more more than 1/2 hour per day, then
in 8 to 10 years, chances of getting brain tumor increases by 200% to
400%. After this, WHO reported on May 31, 2011, that cell phone is
possibly carcinogen (Class 2B).

Duration of use is extremely important (even a cell phone of SAR of
0.4W/Kg used for several hours a day can be harmful in one or two decades).

One should consider the cumulative effect.
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On Tue, 14 Jan 2014, suresh karve wrote:
Sir,Wish you happy Makar Sankrant.The attatchment is a photo  of a page  from the book CELLPHONESi:invisible Hazards in the wireless age by Dr.George Carlo and Martin
Shram.Dr.Carlo was appointed byCellular and Telecom Industry of America(CTIA) to discredit,to find fault with the research done by other scientists in various countries about
microwave radiation hazards from cellphone usageand say that cellphones are very safe.Ultimately he turned a whisleblower and this book is the a story of an insider about
cancer and genetic damage
Pl.go thru the attatchment. and I have following querries to you.
1.Is the assumption that  no adverse effects below a radiationlevel of40watta/kg correct?
2.Is the method of calculation of safety margin correct?
3.the SAR values in that case should have been between0.04 to 0.4watts/kg and not 1.6watts/kg as
 prescribed by our govt.?
Have you done any communication with the authotities in this regard?
With regards,
Suresh Karve

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