Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NGT Petition

Sub: Approaching National Green Tribunal  with a prayer  for reducing the level of electrosmog –radiation from mobile towers to 0.1w/sq.meter and  reduce SAR value of cellphones to 0.2 to0.4W/kg, pending further research findings, in future, applying the cautionary  approach principle till then.
Object of petition: To save the public health (present and future generations) from 24x7 radiation hazards from mobile towers and cell phone use.
Also to highlight the effect of microwave radiation on plants, animals, bees,birds and environment in general
Points to be included in the petition:
1.The Inter ministerial Committee of Govt. Of India recommended to reduce the radiation levels  to 1/10 th of ICNIRP guidelines recognizing that non ionising radiation is a public health hazard.
1a.The committee also recommended that DOT and mobile companies ,both public and private, should educate the masses about the dangers of using the mobile phones,the precautions to take while using the cellphones and not treat it as a toy.Take special precautions for children etc. we should ask why nothing was done in this regard.
2.W.H.O has classified Microwave radiation as group 2B- possibly carcinogenic on 31 May 2011
3. Prominent  physicians from Canada are demanding that the category should be changed to group 2A-probabely carcinogenic ,pending further research.
4.Alarming rise in percentage of cancer cases in India and U.S.A. and also cases of Autism, neurological disorders,genetic damage,blood brain barrier leakage besides other problems like dry eye syndrome,headache ,digestive system problems,etc
5.Though India from 1 September 2013 has reduced the level of radiation to 1/10 th of ICNIRP guidelines i.e.450 milliwatt /sq.meter ,these levels are meant only for 6 minutes of exposure and considers heat as the only criterion of bioeffects. Therefore it is irrelevant to apply  in real life use. There is no consideration of bioeffects of non ionising  microwave radiation. There is very little research as to what should be the safest level of radiation for 24x7 exposure for years- considering average human lifespan of 75 years. Therefore validity of cautionery approach is all the more important.
6.Data as per BioInitiative Report2012 shows that very serious bio-illeffects are now observed at even nanowatt and picowatt levels.
7.The Bioinitiative2012  Report pleads for a further 10 times reduction in radiation levels immediately.
8.Even certain High Courts like Punjab and Haryana High Courts have taken note of radiation hazards in their judgments against telecom Infrastructure companies.
9.Almost 70% decline in honeybee colonies in U.S.A 10.Cows giving less milk

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