Tuesday, February 18, 2014

letter Girish Kumar on standing committee report

to suresh, me

Dear Suresh Karve and Milind,
Standing Committee Report on telecom tower radiation is uploaded at:

I have attached the Standing Committee Report on telecom tower radiation
and highlighted the relevant portion, so that you need not spend too much time.

The report has presented views of operators and concerned
citizens and scientists. However, there are many points, which
should have been emphasized.

1. Bio-Initiative Report has mentioned safe radiation limit of
   less than 0.1 milliwatts/m2 for continuous indoor exposure, wheres
   in India, we have adopted 450 milliwatts/m2 for GSM900 and
   900 milliwatts/m2 for GSM1800

2. They have mentioned about China, Russia, etc., who have adopted
   100 milliwatts/m2 but there are countries who have adopted lower
   than these values but those have not been mentioned.

3. Final recommendation of 1/10th of ICNIRP should be strictly implemented
   is still very high. May be, as an immediate step, India should adopt
   100 milliwatts/m2 as a cumulative radiation limit from all the sources.
   This will compel operators to reduce power at several places providing
   temporary relief to the people. However, long term target has to be
   less than 0.1 milliwatts/m2 for continuous indoor exposure as
   recommended by Bio-Initiative Report.

4. Austrian Medical Association has reported 1 milliwatts/m2 as far
   above normal.

5. Govt. must spell it clearly and warn people that there are health hazards due to  overuse of cell phones and high cell tower radiation. Also, it should inform people about various associated health hazards,
such as headache, sleep disorders, lack of concentration, memory loss,
miscarriage, cardiovascular problems, ears and eyes problem, infertility,
cancer, etc.

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