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Hearing Suresh Karve,Director T.P.

Town Planning Pune Region,
Sahakarnagar, Sarang Society,Pune411009
Sub: Hearing on Suggestions/objections to notice no.TPS.1910/1978/Cr NEW 65/12/RP/VD-13(under M.RT.P.Act1966) Regulation in respect of telecom cell sites/base stations and installation of equipment of telecom network described in Sch. B of notice.
We thank you for calling  us for the hearing on 27/01/2014 on above subject. Present at the meeting were  Mr.Gautam Idnani, Adv.Ms.M.Rahirkar, Mr Suresh Karve from our side Besides your self.Mr.S.Naik and your staff.
The following issues were raised and discussed:
It was agreed upon that the issue of radiation was a complex one and needed to be tackled  at the mobile tower level and also at the user level, meaning at the mobile hand set level. The principle of cautionary approach has to be applied. It was also understood that the issue needs a multidisciplinary approach which should include experts from  various branches of Medicine, Bio-electro-magnetism, Physics, Civil and Telecom engineering at least.
a)Pt.6: Planning norms for erection of TCS/BS
pt.6-2:Who will give the report of ecological impact assessment? Which authority will accept/reject it?
 Pt.6-4:The calculations of safe distances by DOT is based on radiation level of 450mW/sq.meter. Where as  the Bio-Initiative report-2012 recommends the radiation level of 0.1mW/sq.meter. There fore the distance specifications of DOT will give out 1000 times more radiation than   recommended by Bio-Initiative repot2012.Therefore the safe distance norms need to be revisited. And it should be a minimum of 500 meters to be on safe side.(pl. Refer to GK newsletter sept-oct2013  submitted in digital format  to your office computer for more information).
b)Pt.6-6 Installation of base station antennas---- within3 meters from the boundaries of schools, colleges ,hospitals defies logic of your point no.6-4 regarding safe distances. Besides we do not agree that the removal of existing mobile towers  subject to provision of clause 8(4).Future generations must to be protected from radiation and therefore there should be no mobile towers in near schools, colleges, hospitals.
In the entire notice the subject of the height of mobile  towers  on terraces is missed. We suggest that if the power transmitted is 0.5 to1 watt/tower (as in U.S.A) the minimum safe height can be a few meters. From practical point of view 10 meter or slightly more of height is possible as weight and wind load factors may cause problems for the   buildings.
c) We should follow the Switzerland model for power density norms where the power density is0.042watt/sq.meter for 900MHz and 0.095watt/sq.meter for 1800MHz.                                                                        d)Pt.7.EMF radiation norms:
If power density is reduced to 1or 2 watt/tower the no.of towers will increase two times (with proper cell planning).If transmitted power is reduced by 10 times the people living in those areas will receive much less  radiation.
Pt.7-2:There are 5 lakh towers and only 6 TERM cells in India. We suggested that their work should be de-centralised and delegated. Electro-smog meters, to measure radiation, can be given to each ward office of the municipal corporation, the staff may be trained to handle ,maintain, check calibration of the electro-smog meters and service may be provided to any citizen to find out the level of radiation at his residence  or area by charging a token fee. These meters are available for 200 to 300 dollars.In India  Meco Industries of New Mumbai manufacture them. An internet search is advised for that.
The fixing of liability of cell tower companies in case of radiation induced diseases like cancers ,etc was discussed .e.g. In Italy the Italian Supreme Court had given compensation to Mr.Innocenti  who used his mobile phone for 50hours per week for about10 years and developed brain cancer.
We also suggested the undue importance has been given to TERM cells. It would be interesting to find out how many mobile towers they have found out which have violated the radiation norms and booked for it so far.
Mr. Patil(Jt.Director) suggested that the periodicity of checking the radiation should be quarterly by TERM cells (without intimating the tower companies).
The concept of self certification by cell tower companies, was totally rejected by our members as it is too much to  expect  that any operator will certify that his radiation levels are above the guidelines and invite Rs.5 lakh fine.
Mr. Patil suggested that to have more transparency and reliability of radiation levels at a given spot, the feasibility of putting up large electronic display boards displaying the radiation levels at important squares may be found out.
The bio-effect of blood brain barrier leakage  and genetic damage was explained in brief. For more details refer to section 24 Key Scientific Evidence and Public Health transferred to your computer.
Because of paucity of time a 10 minute video:The Truthseeker :Casualty Catastrophy was shown( about cellphone radiation)
We also submitted a letter in which the latest finding, as we know in 2012, from various research done where biological ill-effects of cell tower radiation is occurring at a very low level down to nanowatts and picowatts level are given.
Following information was submitted in digital format because of constraint of time:
1.Video:Resonance-The beings of frequency -90 minutes  about the fundamentals of microwave radiation
2.Video:FULLSIGNAL-an award winning documentary, filmed in7/8 countries of the world, about cell tower radiation problems
3.Section 24: Key Scientific EVIDENCES& Public Health Recommendation,supplement2012 by Cindy Sage, Prepared by Bio-Initiative group2012.Please we  suggest to read following pages of the 44 page report.Page3,4,5,6,10,13,18,19,23,26,29.30,31.
4.GK-Newsletter cell tower radiation sept-oct2013
5.GK-Newsletter cell tower radiation June13-Neha Kumar
6.A graphic presentation showing hazards at different power density levels and at different distances from cell towers
7.sureshrkarve-yahoomail-imcreport(Inter ministerial report) where the responsibility of DOT to disseminate information  to the general public about hazards of cell phone and cell towers ,the proper use of cell phones, the dos and don’ts has been defined
We also handed over the Xerox copies of following pages from the book: CELL  PHONES:The Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age page By Dr.George Carlo and Martin Schram,Page no.Insde page:AT &T giving free headphones to all its customers,pagenos:7,21,49,115,Black and white photographs of diseases etc,page158 describes how SAR values(Specific Absorption Rate) of cell phones are calculated and how and why it must be reduced from 1.6 w/kg to 0.2w to0.4w/kg,159,188,189,Protect children215to219,Piecing together the cancer puzzle,pagenos243yo248,health recommendations,244to255.We recommend you to acquire the book:
PUBLIC  S-O-S, the shadow side of the wireless revolution by Camilla Rees an d Dr.Magda Havas. (In this book they expect an epidemic of cancer in U.S.A. if urgent steps are not taken)You can get it on
Sir, we have been given this God send opportunity  thorough you, to bring about a new revolution in safe wireless communication from Maharashtra State and particularly from Pune which historically has been a seat  of great revolutionaries .Let’s do it together.
Thanking you,
Sincerely  yours,
Suresh  Karve

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