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Observations and suggestions to notice TCP-1810/1978/CR NEW 65/12/RP/UD – 13 [under MRTP Act, 1966

Joint Director,
Town Planning, Sahakar Nagar,
Above Bank of Maharashtra

            Subject :- Observations and suggestions to notice TCP-
1810/1978/CR NEW 65/12/RP/UD – 13 [under MRTP
Act, 1966]

The radiations from mobile towers are serious health hazards to people staying close by.  The Constant Electromagnetic Radiations from mobile towers 24 hours x 365 daysfor unlimited years are known to cause serious illnesses like Cancer, Neurological, Cardiac and Respiratory illnesses and Sleep disturbances.  The Cancers strongly linked to radiation are 1)Leukaemia2)Thyroid, 3) Breast cancer, 4) Lung and 5) Skin. More prone to Cancer and these other diseases are 1. Children 2.Older persons 3.Pregnant women 4.Patients carrying pace makers.All these observations are documented and proven.

It is my earnest request as a Medical Practioner that;

1.  No Erection of Mobile towers in Schools, Hospitals and Residential societies (as these have infants, children and old people staying in them.)
2. N.O.C. mandatory from Muncipal Corporation. 

3. No such things as deemed permission.Whenever towers installed the site must be inspected and all terms required fulfilled by the mobile company. 

4. 75% of society members must give individual signed consent letters, not just N.O.C. from society as Managing Committee members indulge in malpractice. 

5. Affidavit of N.O.C. must be taken from those staying opposite the mobile towers.

6. Distance between two authorised mobile towers should be one kilometer. 

Earning money and financial greed is the sole purpose of most mobile tower companies and N.O.C. givers.

I am stating developments in my Society in brief.

1. Five mobile towers were established in my society, which is a plot owner’s Societyin last five years.

2. All Illegal and unauthorized and all by Managing Committee members of society on their buildings by mutual understanding and consent. N.O.C. given on society letterhead.

3.  After four years of erection of these towers one female member of society staying directly opposite site of the first mobile tower developed breast cancer, other members experienced cardiac problems  Neurological problem, Respiratory and sleep disturbances.  We approached the Muncipal Corporation with signed letters of the majority of the members of the society.  Copy attached.

4.  As they were illegal and unauthorized the P.M.C. took decision of disconnecting them and disconnected them.

Therefore my earnest desire is that please Health be your top priority and people should not be exposed to Radiation from Mobile Towers.

Mobile towers Radiations are today as hazardous as what cigarettes and asbesstos were some years back.

Relevant copies attached.

            Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Arif Memon

Encl. as above

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