Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter Suresh Karve to Dr. Dilip Sarada

suresh karve Jan
to Dilip, me

Dear Dr.Sarda,
The attatchment is a small aection of BioInitiative Report2012 which will be of interest to you.After the publication of this reports  many govts including Indan Govt were compelled to reduce the radiation standards some what.If you go through the attatchment you will find that there are many danderous bio--effects on humans which occur at a very low level of microwave radiation rengering the set standards meaningless.
Through your good  offices we request you to put pressure on reduce the exposure levels as suggested by BioInitaiative report and also ask your fraternity to make patients aware about the dangers posed by cellphons and mobile towers.
With regards,
Suresh Karve

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