Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Letter Vasant Kelkar to Illegal Tower

Recently there was news in papers that BMC has published a list of  Illegal Cell towers in Mumbai with the corresponding website address.

I checked this list on the website. It is very poorly prepared - for some buildings addresses are given, for many others just C.S.T. number of plot is given. In some cases reason is given while it is missing in many cases.

I checked my society building - CST No. 629 and Sr. No. 341.  I find that it is in this list of illegal towers. Pl. see attached scanned copy of pg. 42 of the list in which this building is listed. But no reason of illegality is given and also name of the company whose tower is illegal is also not given. Terrace above us has towers of four companies - Tata, Reliance, Vodafone etc.

Now, can I just file a complaint with local BMC ward office and ask them to remove the towers. But in all likelyhood the company will inform BMC that they will comply with whatever required to make their tower legal. Then there is no use. Actually, such towers should be asked to be diamantled and removed rather than regularizing them.

If anyone knows what to do, please advise.

Vasant Kelkar

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