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This short clip will forever change the way you look at your cell phone, ever again.

A scientific paper bravely published by a 
leading radiation biologist, Prof. Dariusz 
Leszczynski now allows top neurologists, like 
Keith Black, MD of Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai 
Hospital to issue warnings to their patients 
about the dangers of cellphone use, which 
he describes as "Cooking the brain". The cell 
phone industry retaliated against Leszczynski 
by lobbying to have his funding stopped and 
in the meantime, insurance companies have 
also stopped coverage for health damages 
related to cell phone use. 

In 2011, San Francisco, CA passed a law, 
which originally required retailers of cell 
phones to display the amount of radiation 
that was emitted by each unit. Lobbyists 
successfully had the law revised to simply 
inform people on ways to diminish their 
exposure to cell phone radiation. 

Ellie Marks' husband had a golfball-sized 
tumor in his brain, next to where he regularly 
used his cellphone. It was removed and he 
subsequently suffered severe memory loss. 
She says that over 20 cities and states tried 
to pass similar legislation to that of San Francisco
- and all were threatened with lawsuits from 
the cell phone industry. 

Brent Bocook, a former US Olympic Champion 
Crew Team Member had a portion of his brain 
removed, right next to where he used to always 
place his cellphone. That particular portion of 
the brain is responsible for motor control and his 
surgery has left him almost completely disabled, 

He says he is spearheading a class action lawsuit 
against the industry because he believes that this 
is the only way that big business can be made to 
take responsibility for itself, as was the case with
the tobacco industry.

He notes that cell phone use is much more 
dangerous for children because their skulls are 
a lot thinner. Brain tumors associated with cell 
phone use has replaced leukemia as the 
number one child-killer.  

Truthseeker host, Daniel Bushell uses a radiation 
detector to measure the amount of radiation 
emanating from commonly-used household items:

*Microwave oven: 800 microvolts
*WiFi Router: 800 microvolts
*Tablet PC: 2,000 microvolts (watching a movie).
*Smartphone: 40,000 microvolts (Samsung S3). 
This is over a thousand times the normal 
background radiation levels of 30 microvolts. 

The use of cellphones and other wireless 
technologies is being called the next 'casualty
catastrophe,' after tobacco and asbestos. iPhones 
now all contain a legal disclaimer page with fine 
print, which cannot be enlarged and which is 
relatively difficult to locate within the phone's 
navigation. It discloses the dangers of radiation 
exposure from cellphones and advises users to 
keep the device at least 10mm from the body.

At the same time, a wireless lobbying group 
called the CTIA assures us that "Radio waves 
from cellphones are safe" and studies paid for 
by the cellphone industry claim that, "Cellphone 
use causes no biological damage." However, 
independent studies consistently report serious 
health effects, ranging from DNA damage, a 
300% reduction in sperm counts, 290% more 
brain tumors, autism and birth defects.

Former Senior White House Advisor, 
Epidemiologist, Dr. Devra Davis testified to 
the Senate and gives a hair-raising report here 
about the back-stories behind these contradictory 
scientific reports: The independent scientists who 
reported on the ill effects of cell phones found 
themselves under attack by the cellphone 
industry, who would attempt to get them fired 
and to get their funding taken away or else 
accuse them of fraud.

When that didn't work, they hired 
inexperienced scientists who didn't know 
anything about the subject to *look* like they 
were replicating the incriminating experiments 
and when all of the above didn't work, they 
wrote an internal memo, in which they stated, 
"We war-gamed the science."   

Journalist, Anthony Gucciardi proved how easy 
it is for industry to plant fake science in respectable 
science publications, in the very similar case 
involving the drug Prozac, which was proven in the 
1980s to increase the incidence of suicide among 
users and to cause violent behavior - but this was 
hidden from the public until 2005, until there was 
a BBC expose. In response, the manufacturers 
hired their own scientists to prove how "great" 
Prozac was. 

Producers of anti-depressants have since been 
mandated to disclose these drugs' side effects, 
which one may read in their accompanying manuals 
or overhear, in the blindingly-fast and unintelligible 
disclosure statements that run during television 
advertisements for these products. Remember, 
virtually all the mass-murdering shooters in these 
recent attacks were taking this drug or else one
of many similar fluoride-based, Selective Serotonin 
Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI), at the time that they 
massacred people by the dozens. Gucciardi says 
he believes that once the public becomes aware of 
these dangerous side effects, the public outcry will 
be worse than it was for cigarettes.  

Dr. Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News since 
1981 says, "The system is broken, nobody has 
been told the truth. It's crazy."

The science which would eventually prove that 
cigarettes and secondhand smoke damaged human 
health during the did not yet exist when tobacco 
was initially marketed - but cellphones were launched 
after preliminary science was already available as 
to its inherent dangers and these products were 
released into the public without any safety studies, 

Dr. Slesin says, "The point is to take action." Action 
is already being taken outside the US: In Italy, a 
landmark supreme court ruling found a "causal link" 
between cell phone use and brain tumors. In France, 
WiFi is being taken down in schools and replaced with 
cabled Internet in and countries from Germany to 
Israel and Finland are moving to stop cell phone 
sales to kids. In the UK, children under the age of 18, 
have long been barred from cell phone use.

But of course, in the Good Ol' USA, the former chief 
lobbyist for the wireless industry, Thomas Wheeler 
was recently appointed by President Barack Obama 
to head up the Federal Communications Commission 
(FCC), which regulates the safety of wireless devices, 
in yet another astonishing conflict-of-interest in the 
choice of appointed Federal Regulators, who better 
resemble wolves guarding the sheep, rather than 
advocates for the health of the public at-large.

Video (about 10 mins): 

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