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Comment of A M Joshi on IIT Professor.
Ashok Joshi Oct
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Dear ALL, 

 Kindly see the mail below from Prof Kumar  and the Attachment no. 2 ,which gives the statement of 25 IIT Professors . This be also seen in alongwith the recent Newsletter by Prof Kumar on this general subject , sent separately .

I feel that the Statement of the IIT Professors misses TWO most important aspects in the whole debate .

1. On  Para 5 reg. WHO view  in the Statement :

This does not  properly and fully reflect the situation . After many years of efforts by activists, the WHO , in recent years accepted the fact that the EMF [ radio ] radiation could be Carcinogenic [ Cancer creating ] . I quote below the following --  The Times of India , dt. 1 / 6 /2011 has carried a small news item from Paris on the findings by a Working Group of  31 experts  of the WHO that the RF electromagnetic fields generated by cellphones etc are possibly carcinogenic to humans . The EMF from such devices are possibly cancer causing based on an increased risk for glioma , a malignant type of brain cancer . The group reached this classification based on its review of the human evidence coming from epidemiological studies.  The effect of high value EMFs from Cell Towers etc., need not call for any further elaboration.  .  Being an international body , WHO has obviously been cautious in making any  statement.
 It took WHO many years to realise that Cigarette smoking is harmful and finally in recent years , Govt.s have taken steps to ban Smoking in public Places. The same would apply for the EMF hazard.  

Also the interministerial committee of the DoT, in para 5.1 of its report in 2012 has stated that --"  The existing standards are based on thermal (heating) limits and do not address non-thermal (or low intensity) exposures which are reported to cause Biological effects. The present ICNIRP / FCC limits are insufficiently protective of public health and require reconsideration." As a result of this Committee's report , the DOT lowered the safe limits by a factor of 10 wef 1/9/2012  ; but is silent why factor 10 is adopted and not more or a different one . 

2. Prof Kumar ha countered the views of ICNIRP [ para 6 ] guidelines in his newsletter Sept. -Oct. 2013 [ which i have circulated separately.  What is missed in all this debate is that ICNIRP guidelines are excessively relied on. They relate only to short time exposure to radiation of a few minutes and not , continuous H24 hrs exposure , as it applies to Cell Tower radiation. 

Hence, in setting the limits of safe exposure from cell towers , it is better to " err " on the safer side , as is the practice of many other countries. Some practical difficulties would arise for cell tower installations , in our crowded cities , but those would have to be sorted out by careful assessment of potential danger . 

With Best Wishes,

I have attached the names of the IIT profs. and their report. At the
end of the report, they have themselves admitted that many faculty
members are working on the cell operators sponsored project. It
includes names of 3 profs. of IIT Bombay.

It is most shocking news for me and probably the darkest day in the history of IIT. We will probably have to declare DARK MONDAY of IIT

I have recd. comments from the people, which I have reproduced below
without their names.

Comment 1
Good Morning Sir,
This will be really a dark day for all of us. Its quiet surprising to see bias stand on the issue. Doctors are true and even your studies have proven that how adverse effects
might be of radiation to all. Lets us all get to the root of this and see what exactly is happening??

Keep me posted. Please feel free to ask me if any help needed.

Comment 2

Today's Times reports that 25 professors and research workers mainly from various IITs have written an open letter  to Union Ministry of Telecommunications and IT that
present cell tower radiation norms are safest and that there is no need to change them !!

It is surprising that these professors have suddenly woken up to write an unsolicited open letter to the govt.  Obviously they have written at the behest of cell phone
companies and their lobby. They must have been handsomely paid for their 'consultancy services' by the telephone companies.

Comment 3
Dear Prof.Girish Kumar,
It is indeed shocking! I think the script of USA model  of doing business i.e. Only Profit , is being played out here in India to the T. You must have seen in the DVD (referring to Full Signal movie), how biilions were paid to both the parties in USA . ANY WAY THIS SHOULD SPUR THE ACTVISTS LIKE US TO MAKE MORE DETERMINED EFFORTS TO ENLIGHTEN THE PEOPLE AT LARGE.
with regards,

With regards.

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