Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mobil Tower Removal - Jijai Complex, Bibwewadi-Kondhwa Road, Pune 411037

Fw: Mobil Tower Removal - Jijai Complex, Bibwewadi-Kondhwa Road, Pune 411037
On Sunday, October 20, 2013 12:05 PM, sameer gurav <> wrote:
Dear sirs,

This is to bring to your kind notice that we are the resident of Jijai Complex,
Bibwewadi-Kondhwa Road, Near Mahaveer Park, Pune 411037.

We would like to complaint/bring to your notice that 2 illegal mobile tower
installed by Society ( jijai Complex ) and Company ( Reliance Infra tel Ltd.).
One tower install on audubar society and other one install on our roof
(Jijai complex) without prior notice or NOC from society or
mobile tower company. Society and Company increase tower
antennas on roof. It's within very close vicinity of our home
for last 1.5 year. Society members didn't inform us and increase
antennas on our roof only for money.

It is a crowded area, very vulnerable and a lots of children around.
We all know about the cellular tower radiation and its effect.
One tower is very close to our residence, it is not even 10 meters
and other one is on our building roof, and mobile tower connected
with big generator its create volume and vibrations, Its dangerous
for structure of building. This is injustice a an example of utmost
greed of this reckless society members who is receiving some money
as rent every month, to kill a of people, for the tower in residential
area quite populated, causing harm to our health.

Me and my neighbor ( Mr. Rajendra Tiwari) launch RTI
complaint in 17/ 01/ 2013 ( RTI No. 236 ) against society to PMC. 
We got all Information this mobile towers is illegal,
we thankful for PMC for all information that,
but later PMC not taking any action against Society or
Mobile Tower company. Its really serious issue
we faced from last two year.

So pls. guide us to removal this towers, We would request you
to take immediate action to remove this tower to protect us from
this dreadful ordeal and loss of life. Please help Us !

Kind Regards,

Mr. Sameer R Gurav
Flat No. 402, Jijai Complex,
Bibwewadi Kodhwa Road, Pune 411037.
+91 9823282859

Mr. Rajendra Tiwari
Flat No. 401, Jijai Complex,
Bibwewadi Kodhwa Road, Pune 411037.
+91 9370279756

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