Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Protest against 4G Antennae

Dear Friend,

The attached letters are for your information and are self-explanatory. It seems that the new regulation considers allowing the setting up of more than one cell tower base transceiver stations (BTS) in an area of more than 1 hectare and leasing out a minimum 20 sq m of reserved public open space for the purpose. For open spaces less than 1 hectare, the proposal allows leasing out a minimum 5 sq m of area. We believe of course that it's bound to be more perforce and by design!

We request you to urgently send in similar letters of protest as unless there is public pressure we have no hope of this scheme being terminated. If indeed they go through with this plan apart from losing open space people's fear of these installations would almost definitely lead to a desertion of our Recreation Grounds, Playgrounds, Parks and Gardens, thus negating the very reason for their existence. Also the nearby residential areas will be adversely impacted.

With best wishes

Anjali Pandit
Associate Director

On behalf of Trustees

Anand Akerkar    D M Sukthankar    Gerson Da Cunha   Dinesh Ahir   Nayana Kathpalia   Kunti Oza   Neera Punj   Meher Rafaat   Priya Ubale

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