Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Dear Friends and Concerned Citizens

We should insist on Government that like Cigarette Smoking they must make it mandatory on Cell Phone Retailers to put stickers on Cell Phones as suggested
in attachment.

Thanks to idea generated by Berkeley USA

Despite a failed attempt by San Francisco, the nearby city of Berkeley is considering a law to require retailers to put stickers on cell phone boxes to warn consumers “of the risk of brain cancer when using cell phones within a 10 mm distance of their body.” But the city’s proposal is based on a misunderstanding says the US wireless association – the CTIA.
“Cell phones are a risk, and I believe the public has a right to information that’s credible, readable and understandable about the device they’re using,” Berkeley City Councilman Max Anderson, who’s co-sponsoring the ordinance, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I’m not intimidated by the cell phone industry. The legal department might be, but I’m not.”
The recommendation to introduce a city ordinance – by Councilman Kriss Worthington – claimed manufacturers already put hidden warnings in cell phone manuals.
Policymakers at the Centre , State and Local Bodies in India please read above links and support the 1, 25 million citizens who are suffering and will suffer for the money making dirty dozen.
We want Technology & Empowerment  but not at the COST OF OUR HEALTH and the Cellular OPERATORS WEALTH.

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