Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Government of India reduce the Norms from 4500 mW/sq meter to 450 mW/sqmeter ?


There are no unfounded apprehensions about the ill effects of EMF Radiation on human health.

Why did the Government of India reduce the Norms from 4500 mW/sq meter to 450 mW/sqmeter ? Why dis the Government of India spend Honest tax Payers money in half page advertisements to say " Use more Text . If you have a choice ,use a landline ( Wired ) not a Mobile Phone."
Did the Government also have apprehensions and perceptions.

By the way India s Norms are not the most stringent in the world.
Russia , Italy, Bulgaria Lithuania and Poland have much lower norms.
India has 5 to 10 times more than these countries according to DoT information provided to Parliamentary Standing Committee Report which has been tabled but not discussed in Parliament.

All conditions laid down by the State Government are necessary and warranted. The Operators claim self - monitoring . Where is the self-monitoring ? What about the 2G , 3G Scams which were there ?

Globally moves are made for stricter norms of EMFR. USA FCC is also working on stricter Norms, Canadians have called upon Health Canada for changing Safety Code 6 to Safety Code 24 x 7.. France has 97% of their Antennae at actual EMF Radiation level of 20 milliwatts / square meter
while we have norms between 450 - 1000 milliwatts / square meter WHY ??

COAI AND TAIPA must remember what USA 16th President Abraham Lincoln has said:

" You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

It is high time the Indian Operators come to accept the ground realities and not play with millions of ignorant and unaware Indian lives for their selfish motive of WEALTH generation.

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