Monday, September 16, 2013

Removal notice sent to illegal mobile tower

After 4 years, BMC issues notice to the owner of the building

MUMBAI: The civic body has issued a notice to the owner of a building in Vile Parle where a mobile tower was installed four years ago. Residents of Hina Kunj building claim there has been a rise in cancer cases after the tower came up on the Reliance Energy Collection Centre in the vicinity. whose clinic is located in Hina Kunj, on condition of anonymity.
VIDYA SUBRAMANIAN/HT The mobile tower on Reliance centre, close to Hina Kunj building. BMC’S PROPOSED POLICY HEALTH RISKS A civic official from the building and factory department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s K-West ward office, said, “Taking note of the complaints from residents, we have issued a notice to the owner of the building. We have given him 15 days to either remove the tower or furnish documents establishing its legality.”
Ameet Satam, local Bharatiya Janata Party corporator, who has been pursuing the issue with the civic authorities, said that action should be taken in accordance with the provisions of the proposed policy of the BMC on the installation of mobile towers. “Though the policy is not yet finalised, the draft provisions state that there can be no towers near schools and orphanages. As both exist in the vicinity, the tower will have to be removed,” said Satam.

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