Saturday, September 28, 2013

Letter to G.Kumar about IIT Prof.

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Dear All,

Saw today's Time of India, Page 5, which says:
IIT professors call cell tower rules safe, doctors advise caution

My comments on the article:

Almost all IITs have recd. funding from Cell operators and their
associates. For example, IIT Bombay recd. US$ 1 Million from Bharti and
Rs. 12 crores from Tata Teleservices, IIT Kharagpur received funding from
Vodafone, IIT Delhi has Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and
Management, and so on. Several faculty members are working on
the cell operators sponsored project. Is it possible that some of them
may have decided to sing the tune in favour of cell operators?
We should find out the  names of the Twenty-five professors and
researchers mainly from the IITs as mentioned in the article, and
see if there is any connection.

Do all the IITs endorse this view or these are the views expressed by
individual faculty members, who may have worked on cell operators
sponsored projects.

IITs are extremely recognized body and this will tarnish the image of all
IITs. Even doctors have admitted that there are health hazards.

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