Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Santosh Pandey

Attached herewith two tables with scientifically calculated Power Density based on specified parameters which nobody can question.

Electro Magnetic Field Radiation depends on Combined Power Output from Antennae fixed on Mobile Towers or Brackets in Mumbai or anywhere in the world.

Higher the Combined Power Output , Higher the Radiation
Higher the Radiation , Higher the Health Problems for Indian Citizens.
Higher the Power Output Wider the Coverage so lower Infrastructure Costs
Lower the Infrastructure Costs , Higher the Operators' Profits.

So Health or Wealth ?

Health is my Fundamental Right and I shall have it.

The EMF Radiation level NORM was reduced to 10% of original
while on the ground level the actual readings were much below the revised norms.

The DoT should have only reduced the Power Transmission norms from 20 Watts per Antenna to 10% or 2 Watts per site. Radiation levels and Health Hazards would have reduced automatically and drastically. Why did DoT not insist on Operators to  lower power micro-cell transmitters with in built          solutions instead of the present trend of using high-power transmission ?

Why do US Researchers do experiments with One Antenna and 2 Watts Power and subject a mouse to this radiation. Obviously to find that the mouse was not affected by this Radiation. On top of it World Health Organisation , ICAR and European Organisations rely on results of such studies which are not real world ground realities in India . We have 10 - 20 Antennae and with High Power Transmission.

These studies in the Laboratory showed no effect on the little mouse. Indian Citizens face 10 - 20 Antennae Clusters with High Power Transmission and they have no choice to turn it down or off.

WE have requested the Researcher to do a Study with 10 Antennae and Power Output of  100, 200 , 300 400 watts  and 20 mice and come back with results.

Please refer both the slides and analyse for yourself whether DoT should have reduced a NORM which was 10 times higher than the revised Norm and the Actual Readings were about 50 times the original norm.

We want the DoT , Ministry of C & IT , MCGM and State Government to accept this , save Power , Diesel and at 2Watts requirement use Solar Energy and becom a GREEN INDUSTRY.

In the Interest and concern for the Health of the Indian Citizens

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