Saturday, August 24, 2013

Additional Guidelines to TERM Cells for auditing BTS For EMF radiation

Additional Guidelines to TERM Cells for auditing BTS
For EMF radiation
(Effective from 01.08.2013)

1.   Instructions/guidelines have been issued to the TERM Cells for auditing the RF radiations from BTS for compliance to the prescribed norms. Following are additional guidelines to TERM Cells in the matter.

2.   With a view to strengthen monitoring and compliance of safety aspects / provisions in regard to radio frequency emissions from mobile towers, TERM Cells may take the following also into account while conducting their audits for the purpose of ensuring that all general public areas are within safe EMF exposure limits as prescribed by DoT.
·         In case of both ground based towers & roof top towers, there shall be no building right in front of the antenna(e), of  equivalent height taking into account the tilt of the lowest antenna on tower as per details in the table below.Further, the antennae at the same height only are to be counted, as the beam width of the mobile antennae, in the vertical direction, is very narrow.

Number of antenna(e)pointed in the same direction
Building/Structure safe distance from the antenna(e) at the same height
(in meters)

·         The distance figures in the above table are based on empirical estimation considering that all the antennae are emitting at their maximum RF power of 20 Watts and exactly in the same direction with same height (a worst case scenario). In practice, the values of safe distance of buildings will depend upon actual deployment scenarios and mostly, may be far less than depicted above.

3.   Wall Mounted/Pole mounted Antenna:

·         Wherever the antennae are mounted on the wall of building or pole on/along the road,their height should be at least 5 meters above ground level /road level. However, such installations will have to comply with the radiation limits.
·         As far as safe distance of buildings from antenna is concerned, guidelines as given above will apply.

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