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Rules in Peru

On Thursday, 27 February 2014 11:57 AM, PRAKASH MUNSHI <> wrote:
                                          First They Ignore You 
                                          Then They Laugh At You.
                                          Then They Fight You.
                                          Then You Win.
                                                                  Mahatma Gandhi.

Where are we ? Relaxed Norms for the benefit of > Rs. 60000 crores
without considering the Health of Citizens > 120 crores = 1.20 billion
Is it worth it ? Rs. 5000 per Indian Citizen. How much will the Citizen speand on Medical expenses if he suffers health hazards
Please see what a Country like Peru has for laws and regulations to protect their Citizens. District Chorillos .
See Section 8 which I have translated
Translated from Google Translate Spanish to English. 

We in India are struggling to get Regulations introduced. Political Parties please open up your eyes before millions of Citizens suffer the Health Hazards due to the ignorance and unawareness of Health hazards from EMF Radiation from Mobile Towers Antennae.

Article 8 - . Conditions of Installation

For installation on Radio Stations (antennae ) and accessories for the provision of services public communication , states that:

If located in public area, the tower must be installed from the floor surface, and the total height of the element should not exceed 25 m
it must be properly camouflaged with the landscape and the urban environment; 

Should these be located on land, they can only be installed 
on the roofs of buildings located fronting on avenues 
district and the collector roads, with height not less 
to 5 levels ( floors ), being stressed that the total height of the element to be installed on the building, it may not exceed 
5 meters and must be properly camouflaged with 
This architecture, in order to be integrated into the building and 
be imperceptible to passersby.

Also, the place where you will install this 
infrastructure must comply with the following: 
- Ensure that the operation and / or operation of 
  antennas (radio stations) not caused a 
  serious deterioration in the urban environment. 
- Comply maximum security conditions. 
 Comply with the urban parameters and edificatory
   numbers, and it must have required conditioning
   to remove the noise and vibration effects
   they can produce.
-  Have the approval of neighbors ( holders 
   property) by letter of acceptance for the installation,
   duly supported indicating names, signature, ID, location of the 
   property, all within a radius of 100 meters

- Do not allow installation close to places of high public gatherings as 
     shopping centers, education, churches, public and private schools in 
     radius of 250 meters, so it must be in avenues, places or open 
     spaces that are adjacent to minimum attendance and low population. 

   - In addition to the above must be a minimum distance of 450 meters 
     from another similar facility .

Let us follow Chorillos Municipality , Peru  to protect the Health of Mumbaikars.


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