Thursday, March 13, 2014

News in Sakal & Afternoon

1.       Shiv sena gave shock to Reliance 4G
Pressure on government to refuse permission to tower
Mumbai: The meeting at the mayor’s house on 17 Feb result into political pressure to refuse the permission for 4G tower of reliance by Mr. Uddhav Thakare. Important thing is state government has given the permission to raise these towers. It may make clashes in municipality and Government.
Govt had given the reliance to raise 3000 4G towers on grounds and roads. But minicipalty refuses to permit. On Monday at the place of mayor’s meeting with Shivsena head, Uddhav Thakare, BMC commissioner Mr. Sitaram Kunte and other senior administrators was held. In this meeting, the ill effects of cell tower radiation were presented. The radiation from 4G is three times greater than normal cell tower radiations. Actress Juhi Chawla and Prakash Munshi presented this information. Juhi Chawla suggested the that experts and doctors can inform about the effects of 4G radiations. Mayor Mr. Sunil Prabhu, leader Shailesh fanase and president of committee Rahul Shewale was present at that time.
After this presentation, Shivsena decided to protest against 4G tower rising. But, because of the permission is already given by state govt., it is not possible to restrain reliance for long time. The responsibility of studying the mobile tower radiation is not of state government, but it is of central government’s telecommunication department. BMC has been declared that much earlier. But, it is possible of fighting in between government and BMC.
Nowadays, cell towers are raised on the top of buildings. For that, lacs of rupees have been given as the rent. For this reason, reliance took permission to raise the towers on ground. 4G towers are 25 meters high and it will produce 50 feet radiation. It will directly affect the people going through these roads. Hence, these towers should be banned, said by Shivsena.
2.       Campaign to reduce mobile tower radiation
Mumbai: the emf waves produced from mobile tower are affecting human health in bad way. The online appeal to reduce the emf level and Care for peoples health was put in front of IT minister Mr. Kapil Sibbal. This appeal is going on through change org link. New technologies relating to mobile like, 2G, 3G and 4G network are becoming the concern subject of people. The social worker and expert form this area, Mr. Prakash Munshi said that the mobile towers are affecting the health of nearby residences of mobile towers. His effort is to reach this appeal to maximum people through change org.
There is very tough competition is going on in the mobile sector. Due to which, it is very serious matter for the public health. During high usage the time, mobile operators use more energy than recommended. At this time, radiation levels are four times more, said Mr. Munshi. ‘Hence, there is a need to check all these power transmission norms’, he said.

Corporators oppose Reliance 4G Towers in metropolis
Saturday, February 15, 2014
By Khushboo Panjabi
Leaders of most political parties, in a recently held meeting, opposed the installation of Reliance 4G towers in the city on Thursday, stating that the city is already dealing with a number of radiation-related problems. The issue was raised by Samajwadi Party leader Rayiz Sheikh who said, “Before giving permission to Reliance to install their towers why can't the BMC take the view from IIT experts and examine the problems in advance?” If permission is granted to Reliance, they will install 3,000 towers across the city with a height of 70 feet and high radiation powers. Vinod Shelar, a BJP councillor added, “The issue of not permitting companies to install mobile towers has been raised by me a number of times but every time the authorities do not revert to my questions”. Responding to the objection, Sitaram Kunte, BMC commissioner said, “The Reliance 4G tower which has been installed in Chembur area will be removed at the earliest and we will make sure that they are not permitted to install more towers”.


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