Saturday, July 6, 2013

ICNIRP Norms for EMF Radiation standards .

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1) India has adopted ICNIRP Norms for EMF Radiation standards .
    For GSM 900, it is 4500 milliwatt/ sqm.(4.5 watt/sqm.)
2) From 01.09.12 India has adopted radiation norms 1/10 th of above values . 450 milliwatt / sqm.for GSM 900 and 920 milliwatt / sqm.for GSM 1800.
3) The most stringent norm in the world is adopted by Austria which is 1.0

     milliwatt/sqm.    (Please refer slide 23) .
4) ICNIRP guidelines are only for short term exposure and not for long term .
    It is only for 6 minutes,please see slide 19 (Please refer Line no.3,Safe power

    density according ICNIRP 9.2 watt / sqm which is for 6 minutes ).
5) Therefore, 1/10 is (Please refer Pt.2) valid only for 60 minutes = 1 hr/day
6)  For example, FCC (Federal Communication Commission,USA) guidelines are,
     Safe Power Density = f/300 averaged over 6 min.exposure .
     Safe Power Density = f/1500 averaged over 30 min.exposure .
     Time of exposure increased 5 times,safe power density decrease by 5 minutes.
     In other countries they use larger no of low power transmitters (1to 2 watt of 
     power )
7)  Expert group of 10 people in India submitted a report on "Impacts of

     Communication Towers on wild life including birds and bees " to Environment

     Ministry in Nov.2011. They went through 919 scientific / technical papers .
     Out of 919 papers,593 papers report impact,130 reported no impact, and 196
     inconclusive. Please see slide 35.
8)  Similarly,Bio Initiative report 2012 prepared by 29 scientists from 10 countries went

    through 1800 papers and mentioned with certainty adverse effect.Please refer .
9) Mobile Tower radiation can be checked India by increasing no.of towers and each

    roof top or tower should transmitted max.1 to 2 watt of power please see refer slide

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