Saturday, July 6, 2013

guidelines for issue of clearance for installation mobile towers.

Milind Bembalkar to pranku 05.07.13
Dear Sir,
Please refer the attachment dt.27.05.13 regarding guidelines for issue of clearance
for installation mobile towers.
Please refer Pt.D - iii ) - Formation of  State and District Telecom Committees .
DOT has appointed TERM Cell (Telecom Engineering Resource Monitoring Cell )
to address the complaints of citizens and take measurement of the mobile tower radiation.

1) TERM should open its office in every district of the State.
2) TERM should give information about constitution of the organization .
3) They should give information about frame work,rules and regulations in which

    organization suppose to work .
4) Address,contact no.,email of the TERM should be clearly mentioned on every

    mobile towers.
5) If TERM found radiation level beyond prescribed limit,
    A) Will TERM ask cell tower opertors to reduce transmitted power or
    B) Reduce gain of the amplifier or
    C) Reduce clusters of antennas on tower or
    D) Increase height of the antennas mounted on the towers or
    E) Increase height of the towers .
6) If cell tower operators reduce temporarily transmitted power and then again increase
    it, how and who will monitor the 24x7 hrs. radiation level ?
7) Till date it is not clear, what kind of execution power has been give to the TERM by State

     Govt.and Central Govt.
8) Till date it is not clear,whether TERM Cell is responsible for health hazards due to

    mobile tower radiation.
9) Till date DOT, TERM has not taken any initiative regarding formation of State and

    district telecom committees.
Milind Bembalkar
094226 56058

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