Thursday, December 26, 2013

PR Munshi Letter to IMA

Dear Citizens of Mumbai

We met IMA Mumbai West President Dr. S K Joshi and Hon Secretary Dr.
Parthiv Sanghvi. They have promised to study the tons of information
provided by us and revert.

They have relied only on the information provided by COAI , Michael
Repacholi and the PR Agency ( Metigon I guess)

They have not conducted any research or studies to prove their claim
of "Mobile Towers Not a  Cancer Risk" statement. The Hon. Secretary
said that they have not said this and the Media have put it to
sensationalise the Report to push sales of the Newspapers.
He had said " There is not sufficient evidence to prove or disprove
link between Cancer and Radiation from Mobile Towers." We requested
Dr. Sanghvi to send a letter to the media to this effect.

We therefore told him that we should adopt the Precationary Principle
as laid down by the Law of European Union.

They have promised to study and revert. We have offered to give a
Presentation to IMA to clarify any doubts.

Thank you all for your support.

With kind regards

Prakash Munshi

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