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Juhi Chawala Meet Media

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Attaching herewith  Press Clippings from today's  Newspapers
of Media Meet held at press Club on October 17, 2013.

The Media Meet hosted by Juhi Chawla Mehta was exclusively
for the Media with a Personal invitation from her

" To discuss , brief and increase the knowledge of my Media supporters

•  Awareness Programs initiated by me
•  Medical aspects of EMF Radiation
•  Technical aspects and Demonstrations on EMF
•  Latest Situation on the Radiation issues from
    Mobile Phones and Mobile Towers Antennae
    Juhi  Chawla Mehta                "

Juhi addressed the Meet and  also mentioned of Do's and Dont's for Mobile Phone Usage and Precautionary Steps to be taken ( suggested also by Government of India in half page
Advertisements. )

The Media responded in large numbers ( more than 50 ) with many squatting on the passage floor in the Press Club Conferrence Room on October 17, 2013  to listen to Juhi and prominent Speakers from the Technical , Radiation and Medical fields.

The Media were from Electronic , Print and Radio Stations.

Prominent Media personalities Shri Darryl D'Monte and Shri Gurbir Singh graced the Media Meet with their presence.

The Media were informed that the State Government has assured to include the aspects missed out by them in their Gazette copy of October 3, 2013

The Citizen Groups have been assured that there was no question of overruling any norms set by the Central Government  or proposed by the Draft Policy of the Municipal Corporation . All requirements of the Citizens Groups will be included  to protect the Health of the Mumbaikars and all Maharashtrians in other parts of the State and that there was no question of any relaxation of Guidelines of Department of Telecommunications or those laid down and suggested by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

The invitees went back very happy and now aware of the various aspects of EMF Radiation with live Demonstrations of how Cell Phone works and its properties of EMF Radiation.

They thanked Juhi for having this Press Meet exclusively for the Media.

P.S. Will forward Snaps soon.

Regards Munshi

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