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25.03.13 Neha Kumar Radation Level Interp.

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I have been working on Cell Tower Radiation issue for the past 3.5 years along with my father Prof. Girish Kumar from IIT Bombay. We have been studying the effects of cell tower radiation on humans and environment and have prepared several reports and submitted the same to DOT and several officials. My work can be seen at: . I also have a company NESA Radiation Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and we have been carrying out radiation measurements for people in residences and offices and have seen a strong correlation between high radiation levels and health problems.

As you are aware, government has started carrying out radiation measurements for residents through Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TERM) Cells/ Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL). However everywhere they measure, the readings indicate that the levels are within norm. This has led to major confusion among common people. 

I have attached a report prepared by industry/their associates for a building in Thane, Mumbai.

Please note, government of India has adopted a very high radiation norm and what is safe from health point of view is much lower. Operators are within the norm so they keep saying they are within safe guidelines.

Efforts should be to convince the government to adopt better radiation norms:

Interpretation of the readings:

9200 mW/sq.m=9.2W/sq.m - ICNIRP Guideline1998 for GSM 1800 - The Department of Telecommunications, India adopted this norm in 2008
920 mW/sq.m=0.92W/sq.m -  1/10th of  ICNIRP - The Department of Telecommunications, India adopted this norm  from 1 Sept 2012 
0.1 mW/sq.m=0.0001W/sq.m - Safe from health point of view [According to Bioinitiative Report 2007 and recommendations of Antenna Lab, IIT Bombay]
185mW/sq.m (-02dBm)= 0.185W/sq.m. - Maximum Reading Measured in this building [Flat No.1002 - Bedroom] -  (which is within the government norm hence operators have said that the levels are within guideline) This reading is very high from health point of view. People have been complaining of health problems like sleep disturbance, headaches, concentration problems, joint pains even above 1 mW/sq.m= 0.001W/sq.m. Above  10 mW/sq.m= 0.01W/sq.m, severe health problems and cancer cases have also been reported in few years. 

ICNIRP Guidelines are meant for short term exposure and not for long term exposure. In fact, the short term exposure guideline is only for 6 minutes/day.

By extrapolation, 1/10 of ICNIRP is valid only for 6x10 = 60 min = 1 hour per day. People living close to cell tower radiation are exposed to radiation 24x7.

Please go through the report: Guideline-Austrian-Medical-Assoc-EMF-syndrome.pdf  -
Page 9 mentions that greater than 1 mW/sq.m is very far above normal. 

According to Prof. Girish Kumar's report - greater than 1 mW/sq.m over a few years of exposure leads to health problems. 

Kindly forward this to your known people to create awareness.

If you have any queries, please free free to contact me.

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