Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Letter to Monisha Biswas, DDG TERM

Milind Bembalkar
Parijat,Gurukrupa Colony,
Ambejogai Road,
Latur 413 531.(MS)


Monisha Biswas,
Mumbai .

Dear Sir,

1. Please give information about Constitution of The Organization,TERM .

2. Please give information about frame work, rules & regulations in which your organization suppose to work .

3. Please give addresses of your offices in Maharashtra State.

4. Suppose I want to check the radiation level of Mobile Tower at Latur (450 Km.from Mumbai)  what shall be your charges and terms & conditions ?

5. If you find radiation level beyond prescribed level, 
   A) Will you ask cell tower operators to reduce transmitted power or 

   B) Reduce gain of the amplifier or 

   C) Reduce clusters of tower or

   D) Increase height of the antennas mounted on the towers or

   E) Increase height of the towers 

6. If cell tower operators reduce temporarily transmitted power and then again increase it how & who will monitor the radiation level ?

7. Please give the information about the execution power given to you by the State / Central Govt.  

8. Is your organization responsible for the health hazards due to mobile towers?
9. Will your organization  insist to cell tower operators for issue of indemnity bonds(shall take guarantee of the health ) to the citizens residing below mobile towers ?

Waiting for the reply .


Milind Bembalkar
094226 56058

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