Sunday, November 7, 2010

Letter to Mr. Milind Bembalkar

Mr Milind Bembalkar,

‘Parijat’, Guru Krupa Colony,
Ambejogai Road, Latur 413531


I have come to know about you from Mobile Tower Grievance Forum. Since last two years I’m facing lot of problem due to the installation of a roof top mobile tower. The problem I am described you briefly.

I’m a resident of Barasat (under Barasat Municipality ), Kolkata 700126, West Bengal . A powerful rooftop mobile tower is situated just within 10 m of my house of different Service provider. In the year 2009 BSNL has started two install another tower just 5 m far away from my house. Local people had submitted their bjection to Barasat Municipal Authority, District Magistrate, Police In charge of Barasat Thana of West engal Police. I personally meet with Chairman, Barasat Municipality to stop the work because I am the most sufferers in this situation. Then I had submitted my objection to West Bengal Pollution Control Board. Pollution Control Board arrange a hearing and it was found that guide lines to erects Mobile Tower , which was issued by WB Govt., was not followed properly in this case. Moreover no BSNL representative was present. A false consent letter of unknown people was submitted to Municipal Authority to opt the permission. After that they stopped the work and directed to BSNL to submit all relevant document to Municipality.

Presently BSNL has started the tower without any consent letter, without maintaining the guideline of Circular issued by West Bengal Govt. Nobody takes any action in same. I informed every where that BSNL violet the following point issued in the order

WB Govt declared that EMR has bad effect on human body, so why BSNL has again started to install 2nd tower. The BSNL office is approx 800 m from the effected area. It is better to install the tower at BSNL office only.

WB Govt ordered that tower can not be installed in School premises because it affects children more. In my house a new born bay is present. How can I survive him?

WB Govt advised to install one tower in a locality an share the same tower. Within 1 km from my house at least 15 nos of tower present. No need to install a new tower I same locality.

Approach of fire tender is nil. So how can we survive if any disaster will occur?

Without consent of local people how BSNL install their tower.

Most interesting point is when I asked through RTI to Municipality that how BSNL got permission though they are not followed the rules; the answer was “Municipal Authority looks after only the structure stability of house upon which the tower will be installed. Pollution Control Board looks after only the pollution regarding Generator set use in the tower.

Human Rights told me that they are not entertained this type of problem.

Public Grievance Cell, Govt. of India, does not take any action.

West Bengal Municipal Authority is not awarded about the pollution and health hazardous problem with Electro Magnetic radiation.

BSNL comments that without tower how they can provide service to their customer?

In view of that I requeted you give me some advise how I can fight against the installation of Mobile Tower.

Wait your valuable comments.

Arunava Choudhury
3, Pratapaditya Road,
11 No Rail Gate, Nabapally
Barasat, Kolkata 700126
West Bengal

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