Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letter to Gokhale Madam by Mr. Ramesh Patil - Director-MRCI,

Dear Ms Gokhale,

I read sometimes back that ,Govt of Maharashtra has appointed 3 men committee to study the health hazards due to Mobile Towers.Subsequently,media has exposed the dangers of Cell Providers cos.You may be perhaps aware that SC has already asked Vodafone to pull down the MT at Thane(Ad ButalaVs Thane MC)Kalkatta corp.does not give permission for installation of MT and Navi Mumbai.Delhi Corpo was to seal illegal MT but Delhi HC has granted stay till Sept2010In our society 3 different cos have installed the MT which are causing lot of concerns to sr citizens.

TOI of 6th June,has given wide coverage to this -Towers To TumoursAccording to Prof Gulati's report ,Radiations emitted from tthese cell towers are very high(beyond permissible limits)and people are exposed to health hazards such as brain damage and even cancer.WHO reports may be helpful to ascertain the gravity of EMR-.Ther e are NO guidelines for installation and maintenance of MT.Most of them have not obtained official permission.I have requested K Ward (W) to provide me with the info regarding the cell cos have obtained permission-which is a MUST.He did not respond.May bewe will file an application under RTI.A few socities are only interested in pecuniary gains at the cost of members well being.

If we have Rules for Lift Installation and Maintenance why not for MT.We will reach 600mns cell users in next couple of years-which will add no of MTs.

JNM9Jagruk Nagrik Manch-Juhu) is taking up this as done in case of Riinfra.Will appreciate your support/co-operation before it is late.Case in point is Bhopal Tragedy could have been averted(ref TOI of 12th June)

Warm Regards,





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  1. dear sir

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