Sunday, January 24, 2010

मोबाईल टॉवरला िवरोध करताना


  1. Help! Please.

    I live at Bhairav Nagar, Dhanori Rd Pune - 15. 2 years ago my neighbour install a mobile tower on top of his building .....he is a very arrogant,not approachable and reasonable man. At the time of installation every body was wary of raising their concerns or objections due to his quarrelsome and abusive nature also due to the lack of awareness of the potential damages caused. Off late we are exeperiencing the health hazards ....many people in the neighbourhood have been diagonised with cancer, personally we suffer from frequent and constant headaches, our sober nature has become irratable...

    Can you please guide as whom we can approach with our grievance. We want the tower to be removed / de installed.

  2. Please send your contact details on

  3. you are doing good work..............