Monday, December 14, 2009


Welcome to the Mobile Tower Grievance Forum,

We vigilant and informed citizens of India have created this forum to raise the issues related to health hazards caused by mobile tower radiation and to build a pressure group to press for stringent rules and regulations for erection of mobile towers.
There are many medical cases of cancer, hyper tension, sleeplessness, allergies being reported due to the dangerous radiations of mobile towers in our cities very close to human habitats.
We intend to gather more and more information regarding such cases, also raise issues of the total failure of the municipal authorities, state and central government authorities in making some basic guidelines to be followed by mobile companies, in absence of such guidelines the mobile towers are being erected without any permission of any competent authority in all the cities and towns in India.
We urge you to report whatever information you have related to this topic to us, so that we can collectively represent this information to various government agencies for necessary action.